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Texsport Instructions Library

Note: Though many products look identical...instructions and replacement parts are designed for original Texsport equipment only!

Please be sure to match your product with the exact item/style number or name printed on the item.

Any change, substitution or modification of the original parts will void all warranties.

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Propane Appliances Instructions    


14201 Single Propane Lantern

14202 Double Propane Lantern

14204 Single Propane Stove

14205 Double Propane Stove

14206 Deluxe Dual Propane Stove

14209 Propane Hose

14210 Mantel

14213 Single Propane Stove

14214 Compact Proane Stove

14215 Propane Heater

 14216 Double Propane Lantern

14217 Deluxe Propane Heater

14221 Double Propane Heater

14223 SportsmateTM Propane Heater

14225 Insta-Light Propane Stove

14226 High Output Propane Stove

14227 Insta-Light Dual Propane Stove

14228 Grill & 2 Burner Propane Stove

14229 Propane Hose

14236 Travel n Trail Propane Stove

14444 Wok Propane Package


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